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Havana, Cuba. Photo by Nicholas Weissman

Havana, Cuba. Photo by Nicholas Weissman


Jules Weissman is a member of Ojai Studio Artists. OSA Studio Tour dates for 2019 are May 11 and October 12-14. Look for all events here.

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As a illustrator I enjoy capturing the spirit of a person or moment and by creating digitally, I am able to leverage new technologies to place traditional mediums in a new context. Motivated by experimentation, I look forward to the unknown when I translate digital into tangible. The juxtaposition of digital precision and analog chaos, calmness and anxiety drives my layered technical process. While I explore a new material and calculate how I might go about incorporating it into my work, creativity leads the production stage of my process to be raw, impatient, and honest.

Working with wood, cement, concrete, ceramic, and fiber surfaces I am constantly looking for opportunities to meld new tools & technologies with old materials. Able to better express myself visually than any other form of communication, my illustrative work focuses around people, and I particularly strive to create portraits that capture humor. Symbology often enters my work — it fascinates me that humans have always been Graphic Designers; creating icons and logos to explain and sell their spiritual beliefs. Appreciative of the history and ingenuity I’ve experienced from travel to foreign environments, I try to include elements of that sensation within my work and process. Recently I have begun to use laser cutters & engravers to translate my digital work to fired tiles and cast concrete.

Jules Weissman

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