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Week Three: Bubbles!

Glowforge sent along a lot of free materials to get me started - which was great! But they weren't necessarily materials I would have chosen on my own. The pack included four sheets of Proofgrade Medium Clear Acrylic.

So what to do with all of it? 

I drew up a sheet's worth of bubble wands. I tried a couple of different designs. They came out great!

Bubble wands cut from clear acrylic

Bubble wands cut from clear acrylic

Bubble Wands!

Bubble Wands!

A friend's birthday party was that evening and I realized I had nearly all the elements for a pretty rad gift. I remembered that I had picked up a box of amber colored bottles from a woman on the Ojai "For Sale" Facebook group that were just hanging around waiting to be filled.

I went to the local craft supply shop and picked up a 16 oz bottle of bubble juice and some waxed thread to tie one of the smaller wands to the bottle.

I used some pink opaque acrylic and an old illustration of some mouths I had doodled while in the dentist's office to make a tag for the bottle. I played around with some different things, "happy birthday" tags and bubble-shaped tags...


PS, You can buy this as a print or on a variety of products at my  Society6  shop!

PS, You can buy this as a print or on a variety of products at my Society6 shop!

...but I realized the bottles had a kind of Alice in Wonderland vibe, so I went for it.

Blow me! Get it??

Blow me! Get it??

I also made a cleaned-up version to sell at Deck the Halls at the Ojai Rancho Inn and for some kids' presents I needed for Christmas.

Front View Bubbles.jpg

I'm pretty proud of these! I think with a smaller, wider-mouthed bottle and a couple of tweaks, they would make amazing wedding favors or would be cool for a kid's birthday. 

Yay! product development!