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Screen Printing!



I heard my friend, Amun Levy was hosting a screen printing workshop

and I knew I had to do it.

I mean, how is it that I’ve made it this far in a life devoted to hoarding tools and art supplies without getting into silk screening?

I actually do have a squeegee, some Speedball photo emulsion, and a couple of jars of ink that I picked up at a yard sale in Greenpoint. I use the ink ALL the time… I just painted a tumbleweed with it! And I think I used the squeegee on my Tiger Egg.

The truth is, I CANNOT read instructions. I have no patience for it. It takes me a whole day to put together a piece of IKEA furniture.

🤔 Wait. Do I have Attention Deficit Disorder?

We’ll worry about that later. Check out Amun’s studio!

Amun studied design at Cal Arts and he’s collected tons of student posters.

Amun studied design at Cal Arts and he’s collected tons of student posters.

My excellent classmates, Photographer  Mariana Schultze , jewelry designer  Penny Ann Keller Herring , and their kids!

My excellent classmates, Photographer Mariana Schultze, jewelry designer Penny Ann Keller Herring, and their kids!


Amun asked us to come prepared with a print-out from which to cut the stencil, but I have LASERWOLF, so I used him to make my stencil!

This freed me up to prep my screen with masking tape to help keep it clean. And to take some more photos of Amun’s awesome studio!

“Mojai” is what we call the Ojai neighborhood of Meiners Oaks, where I live. The waving hand is somewhat Ouija board-inspired. My initial design had little dots on the fingers which morphed into fingernails along the way. Amun smartly pointed out that they made no sense, so I took them off with an X-Acto blade. This was a big relief because they were very fragile!

Time to print!

Locked & loaded!

Locked & loaded!

We started with newsprint, to make sure the design was working.

Then we moved onto archival paper. Amun had the great idea to layer our prints on top of each other to create a unique exquisite corpse. We printed six so each of had one to take home! It was so fun to watch the piece progress and get more colorful! The collaboration was a really nice touch.

And of course we did some shirts!

Amun had some t-shirt blanks on deck and I picked up a very cool hoodie from my neighbors Sandy and Jason at Enid & Edgar Vintage in Meiners Oaks before class.

Check it out!

Thanks to Mariana Schultze for the photos!

Thanks to Mariana Schultze for the photos!

It was an incredible experience to identify a new application for my Glowforge!

I can’t believe it took me so long to try screen printing. It was super easy and Amun was a great instructor. There is definitely a LOT of gear and prep and clean-up which I won’t get into here. Go take your own class! If you live near Ojai, I believe Amun plans to do this more often. My husband is there tonight, in fact!

He just sent me a screenshot of his company, Vacationland’s brand new logo, coincidentally designed by Amun himself!

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